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Assessing and reducing suffering

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The suffering that animals experience when they are used in research and testing is a very serious concern. We believe that every possible step must be taken to reduce animal suffering to an absolute minimum, for as long as animal use continues. There are several important aspects to this, including: 

  • Knowing how a normal, healthy animal should look and behave 
  • Understanding the different kinds of suffering that animals can experience - anxiety, frustration, boredom and distress as well as physical pain 
  • Recognising all potential causes of suffering throughout animals’ lives, not just as a direct result of scientific procedures
  • Being able to recognise and monitor signs of suffering effectively (also known as 'welfare assessment')
  • Acting promptly when suffering does occur and knowing how to alleviate it 
  • Using past experience to improve all of these factors and to prevent and alleviate suffering more effectively in future projects 
  • Communicating improvements and good practice to others

Many of our activities encourage and facilitate better standards in all of these aspects, but we are currently focusing on two main areas - ending severe suffering and better welfare assessment.



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