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Transgenic Training Working Group

Good training for staff caring for and using laboratory animals is essential in order for the 3Rs of replacement, reduction and refinement to be fully implemented.

Mouse on test tubes © Schwartz

In 2006, the Transgenic Training Working Group (TTWG) was formed to identify and provide specific training for carers and users of genetically altered animals.

To date the working group has: 


  • organised a series of one-day meetings entitled Genetically altered animals and the 3Rs – what’s it all about? that have so far been attended by over 250 animal technologists and care staff 
  • distributed over 300 copies of a poster promoting current best practice: Transgenics and the 3Rs - what's it all about? (PDF 309KB) 

         Transgenics and the 3Rs - what's it all about? [poster] © RSPCA

  • initiated a training course on current good practice in the management of GA mouse colonies: Genetics, Husbandry and Welfare of Laboratory Mice. This course is now in its fifth year and has provided training to animal technicians, scientists and veterinarians from across Europe
  • held a one-day meeting on Conditional transgenesis technologies: principles and best practice that was attended by over 80 participants from across Europe.  
  • organised a new one-day meeting on Contemporary topics in zebrafish husbandry and care.

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