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Reports and resources

Workshop report: GA passports (2013) (PDF 92.3KB)

Report of a workshop held at IAT/LAVA Congress 2013.

GA passports - the key to consistent animal care (2010) (PDF 169KB)
A booklet aimed at helping ensure that all UK establishments using and/or creating genetically altered (GA) animals of any species generate, record and disseminate the right information. This will help facilitate the provision of a consistent standard of care throughout the animals' lifetimes.

Leave my tail alone... (2010) (PDF 470KB)

A poster promoting a refinement in the genotyping of genetically altered (GA) mice.

Sharing and archiving of genetically altered mice (2009) (PDF 200KB)

A report on best practice in the archiving of genetically altered (GA) mice and how archiving can be used to refine and reduce the number of GA mice used in research and testing.

Transgenics and the 3Rs - what's it all about? (2009) (PDF 309KB)

A pair of posters promoting replacement, reduction and refinement in the production of genetically altered (GA) mice, and current good practice in the care of GA mice.

The impact of modern biotechnology on animal welfare (2008) (PDF 77.8KB)

A submission made on behalf of Eurogroup for Animals in response to a European Commission study into the "Consequences, opportunities, and challenges of biotechnology for Europe". This report focuses on our concerns on the impact of modern biotechnology on animal welfare.

Submission to the Food Standards Agency on the “Proposed regulations of the European Parliament and of the Council on novel foods intended to replace and repeal the current Novel Food Regulation (EC) No. 258/97” (2008) (PDF 108KB)

As part of the process of revising Novel Food Regulation (EC) No. 258/97 the UK Food Standards Agency published a consultation to determine the UK position. We responded, asking for clarification on whether cloned animals and their offspring would be covered in the scope of the novel foods regulation and, requiring that humane alternatives to animals be used in the testing of novel foods.

Training for carers and users of GM animals: a survey of staff training needs (2005) (PDF 256KB)

A report that identifies specific 3Rs related training needs for staff working with genetically modified animals.

Projects involving genetically modified animals (2004) (PDF 375KB)

A booklet explaining the technology, terms and welfare implications relating to the creation and use of genetically manipulated animals is available. This guide is intended to help members of ethical review committees understand the processes involved in studies using GM animals and the implications for animal welfare.

Refinement and reduction in the production of genetically modified mice (2003) (PDF 1601KB)
 - a JWGR report
The production of GM mice and their subsequent management and care poses new challenges to the implementation of the principals of the 3Rs. This report provides good practice guidance on how to reduce the number of animals involved and refine procedures to reduce suffering in the production of GM mice. Topics covered range from transgene design to germline transmission, with details of refinements in pronuclear microinjection, superovulation, embryo transfer and much more.

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