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Journal publication policies

Reports and resources

Editorial policies of scientific journals regarding the use of animals (2009) (PDF 1.06MB)

This leaflet provides the background to our ‘journal publication policies’ initiative and an overview of the principles that we believe should be covered within the scope of an editorial policy. It also details how editors and publishers may go about including such principles within their editorial policies, through ‘An ideal animal welfare editorial and publication policy’ as well as a worked example of ‘Instructions to Authors’.

Reporting animal research - worthy of a rethink? (2011) (PDF 83.5KB)
This 'points of view' article uses published survey data along with examples of current journal publication policies to review what role scientific journals could play in improving the reporting of animal research. It includes discussion of why journals should play a part and makes suggestions for how they might do this.

Survey of scientific journal editorial policies and guidelines: 2005-2009 (2010) (PDF 240KB)
Our most recent assessment of whether, and how well, journals implement editorial policies relating to the use of animals in the research they publish. Data are presented relating to annual surveys undertaken over a four-year period. Published in 2010 as part of the broader RSPCA project on 'The State of Animal Welfare in the UK', an analysis is also provided as to whether any progress has been made in this area.

Journal editorial policies, animal welfare and the 3Rs (2009) (PDF 146KB)
 N. J. Osborne, D. Payne & M. L. Newman in American Journal of Bioethics, 9(12): p55-59.
This paper discusses the full results of our first survey (covering the period July 2005 – June 2006) of scientific journals with editorial policies relating to the use of animals in research and testing, in the context of previously published work in this area. It provides details of how we score journal editorial policies relating to animal use and of the local and legal guidelines that were cited in the journals we surveyed.

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