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Reports and resources 

Application of the 3Rs to challenge assays used in vaccine testing (2010) [weblink]
- a JWGR report. Jennings, M. et al, in Biologicals, 38(6): p684-695.

Advancing animal welfare and the 3Rs in the batch testing of veterinary vaccines (2008) (PDF 895KB)
This report takes a critical look at testing requirements for veterinary vaccines. It makes recommendations for regulators, policy makers and vaccine manufacturers, with the aim of significantly reducing the numbers and suffering of animals used in veterinary vaccine batch tests.

Batch testing of veterinary vaccines - potential welfare implications of injection volumes (2008) (PDF 5.23MB). Cooper, J. in ATLA, 36: p685-694.

The use of animals in vaccine testing for humans (2005) (PDF 205KB)

A report by the vaccines working party of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW), which sets out ways of reducing the number and suffering of animals used in the testing of vaccines for humans. We provided key expert input into the report and the secretariat for the working group.

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