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Welfare assessment: AWERB members

Two guinea pigs side by side © RSPCA

The AWERB should insist that all project applications are accompanied by a welfare assessment protocol that has been tailored for the species and strain. This should demonstrate understanding of the welfare impact of the animals’ lifetime experiences, including the procedure and its effects.  The protocols do not have to be included in the licence application, but it is important for the AWERB to see these and have the opportunity to discuss them with the researcher.

If an applicant cannot adequately set out the welfare issues, or if the AWERB has concerns about the potential for severe suffering, a welfare pilot study may be requested (see section 2.3.4 of the JWGR report (PDF 818KB)). This is a useful way of establishing the potential impact of the experimental approach and aiding the production of a suitable welfare assessment protocol.

Some useful information can be found here:

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