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Road map towards ending severe suffering

The ‘Road map’ is a series of practical steps that will enable establishments to identify ways to reduce, avoid and ultimately end severe suffering. This approach is linked to AWERB tasks and was developed by the RSPCA following consultation with a number of research establishments. A key principle of the Road map is an ‘audit’ of procedures to establish how well current refinement practices are working and to identify any areas where further refinement can be applied. In order for this to be achieved it is essential that researchers work with their ‘named persons’ and develop a team approach to the alleviation of suffering. A paper outlining the concept was published in 2014 and a link is provided below. Additionally the RSPCA has produced a poster and a series of resource packs to aid implementation of the ‘Road map’:

Road map paper (PDF 80KB)

Road map poster (PDF 1.07 MB)

Road map resource pack 1: Introduction (PDF 1.48 MB)

Road map resource pack 2: Before the project has started (prospective review) (PDF 3.86 MB)

Sheet 1 - Prospective lifetime experiences (Doc 16KB)

Sheet 2 - Prospective procedures (Doc 16KB)

Road map resource pack 3: During a project (retrospective review) (PDF 3.10 MB)

Sheet 3 - Review of severity (Doc 16KB)

Sheet 4 - Focus on refinement (Doc 16KB)

Road map resource pack 4: After a project has finished (retrospective assessment) (PDF 1.58 MB)

Any feedback on these resources would be welcome at:

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