Tertiary education: promoting ethics and animal welfare in universities

We work with universities across the UK to run workshops and courses on 'Animal Welfare and Ethics'. These are primarily designed for PhD students who may be involved now, or in the future, in research using animals, animal tissues or data derived from animal use. Participants can include those who are new to animal research, and those who have already undergone Home Office modular training for their personal licences.

Workshop topics include current issues with respect to animal welfare, ethics in the life sciences, personal attitudes to animals, and understanding and implementing the 3Rs.

Events can also be tailored for post-doctoral and established researchers from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, with activities and subject matter that focuses on locally relevant issues.

If you would like to find out more, or would be interested in working with us to develop your own events, please contact us at: research.animals@rspca.org.uk

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