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What we do

Our goal is to reduce the impact of science on animals and their welfare through developing more effective systems of ethical review; advancing implementation of all 3Rs; improving education and training; working to improve EU and UK legislation that regulates or creates a demand for animal use and monitoring its impact on animal welfare. Our specialist scientific staff work in a variety of ways to achieve these aims including:

Membership of a wide range of national and international committees and expert working groups
, for example:

Identifying opportunities to apply the 3Rs through engaging with scientists and researchers, animal technologists and care staff, vets and others in relevant roles; visiting establishments where animals are used; organising working groups and conferences.
For example:

Developing processes of ethical review
, for example:

Inputting into consultations, both for government and non-governmental bodies, on a wide range of laboratory animal issues:

Presentations at conferences and workshops:

Staff are also regularly invited to speak at conferences and run workshops around the world for government officials, regulators, scientists, animal carers, members of ethical review committees and others. These usually address topics such as animal welfare, ethics and legislation. Examples include:

  • 14th Federation of European Laboratory Animal Science Associations (FELASA) Congress - Prague 2019.
  • 8th Asian Federation for Laboratory Animal Science (AFLAS) Congress - Bangalore 2018.
  • Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences (CALAS) Annual Congress - Qingdao 2018.
  • 12th Thai Association for Laboratory Animal Science (TALAS) International Conference - Bangkok 2018.
  • 10th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences - Seattle 2017.
  • Institute for Animal Technology (IAT) Congress 2019.
  • Laboratory Animal Science Association (LASA) UK Winter Meeting 2018.
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