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Working internationally

RSPCA International workshop - China

Provision of advice on animal welfare, the 3Rs, ethics and legislation internationally is an increasingly important role for the Society. Our research animals team works closely with RSPCA International to develop and deliver courses relevant to laboratory animal science and welfare - with a particular emphasis on eastern Europe and east Asia.

Training events are developed at the invitation of legislators or laboratory animal science associations and are funded jointly (at minimum cost) by the organising bodies. They are tailored to the specific research environment and requirements of the countries concerned. Common topics include legislation, ethical review, training for personnel, the 3Rs and animal care. In addition to RSPCA speakers, experts from across academia, industry and government are invited to help deliver these events:

  • Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences annual conference held in Nanning. Invited plenary presentation, and one-day workshop on regulation, ethics, the 3Rs and animal welfare (2016).
  • Invited presentations at the South African Association for Laboratory Animal Science (SAALAS) conference on education and training (2015).
  • Workshop for government animal welfare inspectors on 'Implementing the requirements of Directive 2010/63/EU on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes'. In conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Bulgaria (2014).
  • The care of, and refinement of techniques involving, genetically modified animals. In conjunction with the National Laboratory Animal Center, Taiwan (2013).
  • Presentations at seminar on The 3Rs - good practice, legal requirements, effective search strategies, resources, and education. Korea National Information Center for the 3Rs (2013).
  • Workshop on laboratory animal welfare, ethics and legislation. In conjunction with University of Belgrade, Serbia (2012). 
  • Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Sciences annual conference held in Yangzhou. Invited plenary presentation and workshop on reducing animal suffering (2012). 
  • Laboratory animal welfare workshops for scientists and vets in Taiwan. In conjunction with Chinese-Taipei Society of Laboratory Animal Sciences (2012). 
  • 4th Asian Federation for Laboratory Animal Science Congress held in Taipei. Invited presentation on housing and care, and delivery of mini-symposium on humane care and use of animals (2010). 
  • Ethics, animal welfare and the 3Rs. Presentations and training workshops delivered in Busan, South Korea and Suzhou, China (2010). 
  • Workshop on the role of the competent authority in regulating scientific procedures using animals for representatives of Western Balkans countries. In conjunction with European Commission (TAIEX) and Croatian State Veterinary Directorate (2010). 
  • Good science and animal welfare in experimental design. In conjunction with Chinese Association for Laboratory Animal Science (2009). 

In addition, we: 

  • work closely with Eurogroup for Animals on issues such as the new European Directive on the Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes; and the EU Cosmetics Directive
  • provide input to the World Congresses on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences and deliver presentations at a range of major international conferences 
  • worked through the International Coalition for Animal Welfare to input scientific expertise for improving the draft global OIE guidelines on laboratory animals, resulting in standards that will improve animal welfare in many countries if implemented  
  • have translated a selection of our resources for various international audiences
  • have collaborated to launch translated versions of key resources from other organisations, such as a Chinese version of Procedures with Care 

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