Young Offenders

Understanding why kindness matters

Animal cruelty is a complex issue. When someone is cruel to an animal, many people feel that they should be punished. But, in order to prevent someone reoffending, punishment is often not enough.

It is important for the person to fully understand the consequences of their actions and what triggered them so they don't engage in the same behaviour again.

If we can reach you people early enough, they're much more likely to break this cycle of cruelty for good.

Breaking the Chain

Our Breaking the Chain project was founded in 2010, helping to rehabilitate young people who've harmed animals in the past or shown that they are at risk of harming them in the future.

It explores and tackles the issues surrounding young people and animal cruelty. By working through the programme young people consider what happens when people are cruel to animals and start to develop empathy and an understanding of the consequences of animal cruelty.

Breaking the chain was produced with the help and guidance of teachers and Youth Offending Teams.

Youth Intervention

We provide training and support to Youth Offending Teams, fostering and adoption agencies, foster parents, social workers, family works and teacher. Helping them gain the skills and resources required to deliver youth intervention sessions.

If you're looking for support in developing the care and empathy of a young person, we can help.