Family learning activities and resources

We have many flexible learning options and opportunities for families to learn about animals, and to promote the values of kindness and compassion. 

Home based learning

Compassionate Family

Join our new programme for families, exploring the concept of compassion, the needs and feelings of animals, and how to help animals in your community. 

Activities and worksheets for children 

Feeling creative? Release your inner artist through these fun and interactive home activities about wildlife, pets, and farm animals. You can download and print these pages, or use them as a reference on your screen.

Animals & Us

Children can play and learn about animals through interactive, on-screen activities. Learn about the work of the RSPCA and it's inspectors, as well as curriculum-linked topics including habitats and the needs of animals.

We want to hear from you

If you enjoyed these activities, you can let us know by emailing or posting your artwork on social media with the hashtag #rspcaeducation

Supporting your local animal and wildlife centres

Could you help animals in need? If your family would like to be more involved with helping animals in your community through the RSPCA, there are several options for volunteering

Additionally, at some locations your family may be able to participate in activities through our Education & Community Engagement Hubs. Our hubs work in targeted catchment areas around specific national RSPCA animal or wildlife centres and offer a variety of programmes through outreach, onsite and virtual delivery methods.