Quick bites of Animal Welfare - fun and easy to do

During these strange times the RSPCA prevention and education team is aiming to provide teachers, parents and carers with engaging activities that will get young people thinking and debating animal issues. 

Learning new things is always fun and it is good to take the focus off ourselves and explore topics that could really change things for the better for both animals and the planet.

There is a lot more to think about than you would imagine - dip into some of these suggested activities and resources, you'll be surprised what little changes we could make to improve  the lives of animals.

Animal Action - Christmas Craft Ideas

Make A Pine Cone Animal - Instructions

Make A Pine Cone Animal - Template

Home activities for children living with pets

Parents, guardians, and foster carers can download these free and fun activities that teach children about the needs and feelings of animals, and promote positive relationships between children and pets:

Make A Kindness List

Make A Calendar For Your Pets Needs (for screens)

Make A Calendar For Your Pets Needs (easy print)

What do pets need? Search and find (all four species)

Do You Speak Dog? (Colouring Page)

What Do Dogs Need? (Search & Find)

What Do Dogs Need (Spot The Difference)

Agree to the golden rules for dogs

Do You Speak Cat? (Colouring Page)

What Do Cats Need? (Search & Find)

What Do Cats Need (Spot The Difference)

Agree to the golden rules for cats

Do You Speak Rabbit? (Colouring Page)

What Do Rabbits Need? (Search & Find)

What Do Rabbits Need (Spot The Difference)

Agree to the golden rules for rabbits

For help with the colouring pages, please visit our pages about understanding dog behaviour, understanding cat behaviour, and understanding rabbit behaviour.

If you enjoyed these activities, you can let us know by emailing GenerationKind@rspca.org.uk or posting your artwork on social media with the hashtag #rspcaeducation

Quick Activites

Be A House Detective

Egg Box Animals

Woodland Wordsearch

Be An Animal Architect

Take Part In The Animal Olympics

Create Some Animal Art

Go On A Minibeast Adventure

Make An Animal Mask

Watery Wordsearch

Be An Animal Protector

Be A Food Hero

Build A Bird Feeder

Draw An Animal Superhero

Become A Pet Photographer

Build A Woodland Den

Winter Wildlife Walk

Presents For Your Pets

Pet Factor

Interactive Games

If you are working from home with your children there are lots of interactive games, videos and quizzes on the Animals & Us site which children can do on their own covering the five welfare needs of animals, how people can help wildlife and more information about the work of the RSPCA - for any budding inspectors or vets in your household.


There are lots of resources on the website for teachers (or parents) to download including early yearsprimary and secondary lesson plans and quick activities for those wanting to continue their child's education whilst schools in the UK close.

Compassionate Class

The deadline for entering the Compassionate Class competition has been extended to 19th May. We encourage children now staying at home to enter! It's a fun and interactive series of resources and allows children to learn about animal welfare and to get creative! Find out more about Compassionate Class and download the resource packs.

If you are unable to enter the competition this year then we still have opportunities for you to showcase your work and win a certificate and prizes! All you need to do is post your work on your school's social media page, or your personal page if your child is working at home, and mention the RSPCA and hashtag #CompassionateClass

Twitter - @RSPCA_Official

Instagram - Official_RSPCA

Facebook - @RSPCA

Alternatively, you can send your work into compassionateclass@rspca.org.uk

The Great Debate

Animal Welfare: The Great Debate is perfect to give secondary school aged children a project to get stuck into! Get them researching animal welfare topics - they could even have a virtual debate with their schoolmates using tools such as WhatsApp or Skype. 

Remember to stay in touch! We would love to see what you have been doing

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