Working with young people

Are you concerned by the attitude or behaviour of a young person towards animals?

Animal cruelty is a complex issue. Many cruelty cases we deal with are caused by a lack of education and empathy for the animals concerned - often involving young people. That's why we have created resources to support and rehabilitate young people in their relationships with animals.

If you are looking for support in developing the care and empathy of a young person, we can help.

How we can help


Breaking the chain is the name of our free online youth intervention programme. Whether or not the young person has actually committed an act of cruelty, Breaking the chain can help young people:

  • Understand the important role animals play in our lives
  • Understand that animals have feelings and needs
  • Recognise that people have a responsibility towards animals
  • Understand what cruelty to animals is, what triggers animal cruelty and the consequences of cruelty.

Breaking the chain also supports the carer by providing

  • Ideas for positive ways in which young people can help animals, including during reparation programmes
  • An opportunity for the young person to explore their own animal cruelty incident (if one took place) Including what happened, why it happened and the consequences of their actions. There is also a guide for developing an action plan to prevent any future incidents.

In person - training from us

Since 2010, we have been providing training and resources to those supporting vulnerable young people in their relationships with animals. Groups we help include:

  • Youth Offending Teams
  • Fostering and adoption agencies
  • Foster parents
  • Social workers
  • Family workers
  • Teachers

Want some training?

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