All about the AWERB

Calling all AWERBs! 

You play an essential role in improving science and animal welfare, promoting a good Culture of Care and improving public accountability. But there can still be issues around ensuring support for, and engagement with, the AWERB. 

From September to December 2021, we'll be running four 'AWERB weeks' (one per month) to help you focus on some of the main issues identified by AWERB members, and to come up with some practical solutions. 

What to do: please share the page for each week with your AWERB chair, and other members, and ask for a discussion around the issue and a plan to implement any actions you identify. This could be as part of the AWERB's agenda or in a separate meeting. There will also be a series of four pledges for your AWERB to make to itself, and links to resources to help you achieve each one. 

Week 1 - Fulfilling the functions and energising the agenda - 6 to 10 September

Week 2 - Induction and engagement - 4 to 8 October

Week 3 - Doing Ethics - 1 to 5 November

Week 4 - How well supported is your AWERB? - 6 to 10 December

Don't worry if your AWERB is unable to participate during each week; the web pages will stay live throughout 2022.

Please tell us how you got on, and give us any additional feedback including tips for other AWERBs, using this Padlet - all responses are anonymous and no personal data will be collected.