Week 1 - Fulfilling the functions and energising the agenda

Pledge: We will make sure we fulfil all of the AWERB's tasks effectively

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Topics for your AWERB to reflect on:

  • Do the AWERB's Terms of Reference refer to every mandatory and additional task?
  • Does the AWERB have clear objectives for each task, and does it regularly assess how effectively these are achieved? Some AWERBs set themselves annual objectives, to ensure they are continually improving practice and helping to drive the Culture of Care
  • Does the AWERB have access to all the expertise, and perspectives, it needs? Could membership be expanded, or people co-opted?
  • Does the agenda make the best use of people's time? For example, could some regular items be reduced or dealt with by email, or actions be progressed by a sub-group or 'Chair's action'? Do members read out reports that everyone should have read for themselves? 
  • If your AWERB never has time to discuss wider ethical issues or items of interest, or routinely 'notes' important topics that ought to lead to actions, you need to rethink the agenda (or chairing!) or have longer, or more, meetings


All the AWERB's tasks are set out in the RSPCA/LASA Guiding Principles on Good Practice for AWERBs - do all the members have a copy?

The task of `providing a forum for discussion and development of ethical advice to the establishment licence holder on all matters relating to animal welfare, care and use at the establishment' is a great opportunity to develop the Culture of Care and include different members of staff. For ideas on implementing this, see this booklet.

AWERB-UK meetings have discussed ongoing issues for AWERBs, including: 

Here is a helpful guide to the tasks for your lay member(s)

How did it go, or do you have any tips for other AWERBs? Please let us know using this anonymous Padlet, which will not collect your personal data.

For more information on ethical review and the RSPCA's work in the area, see our ethical review web pages.