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Ethical review

Reports and resources

Guiding principles on good practice for Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Bodies (2015) (PDF 1.76MB)
Developed and published jointly by the RSPCA and the Laboratory Animal Science Association (LASA), this resource aims to help in the efficient and effective operation of local animal welfare and ethical review bodies.

A resource book for lay members of ethical review and similar bodies worldwide - third edition (2015) (PDF 6,742KB)
A resource book developed to assist lay members (and others) with their work within the local ethical review process. 

The 'R' of Replacement - the potential for implementing alternatives to the use of animals in research and testing (2014) (PDF 2.95 MB)
To promote more careful and thorough consideration of replacement, we have produced a resource for teachers, lecturers or trainers, and as a source of information for lay members of animal welfare and ethical review bodies, and others with an interest in the subject.

Home Office licence abstracts - an assessment (2008) (PDF 66.4KB). Phillips, B. & Jennings, M. in ATLA, 36: p465-471.

Promoting consideration of the ethical aspects of animal use (2008) (PDF 175KB). Reed, B. & Jennings, M. in AATEX, 14 (Special Issue): p131-135.

Also see the reports and resources on housing and care and biotechnology.

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