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Our companion animals department produces reports, position papers and submissions in response to consultations by government and other organisations on a range of issues relating to the welfare of pets.

A selection of reports can be downloaded by selecting the links below:

Measuring Animal Welfare in the UK - Pet animals section of 2005-2009 report (pdf 0.98MB)

The welfare state: five years measuring animal welfare in the UK, 2005 - 2009 brings together a collection of indicators that assess how the UK is performing with regard to its animals.

Pedigree dog breeding in the UK: a major welfare concern? (2008) (PDF 885KB)

The RSPCA is greatly concerned about the welfare issues associated with pedigree dog breeding. Urgent action is needed to safeguard the welfare of pedigree dogs - read more in an RSPCA-commissioned independent scientific report on pedigree dog breeding in the UK.

In additon to the full report, accompanying bilingual versions of an executive summary report can be downloaded below:
Executive summary - English version (PDF 85.9KB)

  • Read more about the welfare issues associated with breeding pedigree dogs.

The assessment of shelter dogs to predict separation-related behaviour (2003) (PDF 2.16MB)
Separation related behaviour is a common reason for dogs to be handed over to rescue organisations. The University of Bristol carried out an RSPCA-funded study which identified indicators of separation related behaviour in shelter dogs and described measures to reduce its incidence.


The use of shock collars and their impact on the welfare of dogs (2006) (PDF 85KB)

Electrical stimulation or shock collars are devices through which a person can remotely deliver a painful shock to a dog, in order to suppress a target behaviour. The introduction of electronic or 'shock' collars for the training of dogs has been very controversial. This RSPCA-funded literature review was carried out by The University of Bristol and describes the use of shock collars and their impact upon dog welfare.

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