RSPCA welfare standards for sheep

Our detailed RSPCA welfare standards have been developed to represent good practice in the care and welfare of commercially farmed sheep at all stages of their lives. 

RSPCA sheep standards technical advisory group

Members of the advisory group are selected on the basis of the specific expertise they bring to the group in different areas of sheep care. Members include:

  • Emily Coughlan (RSPCA Ruminants Specialist)
  • Sophie Prater (RSPCA Ruminants Specialist)
  • Joe Bailey (RSPCA Assured)
  • Peter Baber (Chair)
  • Huw Davies (Producer)
  • Rob Groves (Producer)
  • Lesley Stubbings (Independent Consultant)
  • Kate Phillips (Independent Consultant)
  • Lis King (AHDB Beef & Lamb)
  • Louise Silk (Veterinary Surgeon)
  • Ruth Clements (FAI Farms Ltd)

Summary notes of meetings