RSPCA welfare standards for pigs

RSPCA welfare standards for pigs - RSPCA

Our detailed RSPCA welfare standards have been developed to represent good practice in the care and welfare of commercially-farmed pigs at all stages of their lives.

RSPCA welfare standards for pigs (PDF 5.72MB)

An addendum to the standards was published in March 2021. The new and revised standards featured in the addendum need to be read in conjunction with the full set of standards dated October 2016.

RSPCA Welfare Standards for Pigs March 2021 amendments (PDF 624KB)

Information on tail docking, teeth clipping/grinding, nose ringing and the use of Improvac©

Under the RSPCA welfare standards for pigs tail docking, tooth clipping and nose ringing of pigs must only be carried out under exceptional circumstances. RSPCA Assured members must annually request and receive permission from the RSPCA's Farm Animals Department to undertake these procedures. Guidance to assist RSPCA Assured members with such requests is available in our Guidance on potentially injurious husbandry procedures for pigs (PDF 112KB).

Tail docking permission request form (Doc 32KB)

RSPCA pig standards technical advisory group

Members of the advisory group are selected on the basis of the specific expertise they bring to the group in different areas of pig care. Members include:

  • Kate Parkes (RSPCA pig specialist)
  • Emma Baxter (SRUC)
  • Howard Revell (BQP)
  • Mike White (Wayland Farms)
  • John Newman (Peddars Pigs)
  • Claire Barber (AHDB Pork)
  • Keith Wiseman (Rattlerow)
  • John Clappison (Packington Pork)
  • Stephen Youngs (Oakwood Veterinary Group)
  • Joe Bailey (RSPCA Assured)
  • A representative of RSPCA field staff (Farm Livestock Officers) who monitors RSPCA Assured scheme members.

For information on the group's discussions download:

Find out more about the consultation process for the development of the RSPCA welfare standards for farm animals.