RSPCA welfare standards for pullets

Our detailed RSPCA welfare standards have been developed to represent good practice in the care and welfare of commercially-farmed pullets at all stages of their lives.

We've worked in collaboration with the Soil Association, research sector and industry to produce the Laying hen feather cover advice guide providing guidance on improving feather cover in laying hens.

Aviary rearing systems accepted for use by the RSPCA

The RSPCA welfare standards for pullets (laying hens) require that any aviary rearing system used must be accepted for use by the RSPCA (standard E 10.22) before they can be used within the RSPCA Assured scheme.

For details of accepted systems, please see Aviary rearing systems accepted for use by the RSPCA.

RSPCA pullet standards technical advisory group

Members of the advisory group are selected on the basis of the specific expertise they bring to the group in different areas of pullet care. Members include:

  • Kate Norman (RSPCA poultry specialist) 
  • Moira Harris (Chair)
  • Sarah Lambton (University of Bristol)
  • Suzey Brown (Avivets)
  • Steve Carlyle (Country Fresh Pullets)
  • Harold Richmond (Skea eggs)
  • Mike Tyers (Stonegate)
  • Jean-Paul Michalski (Noble foods)
  • Lindsay Dawson (Fane valley)
  • Matthew Green (Wot a pullet)
  • A technical/field operations representative of RSPCA Assured