What we do

Our farm animal welfare specialists take a number of different approaches in order to try to improve the lives of as many farm animals as possible. Some of the main ways in which we work, such as developing welfare standards and commissioning welfare research, are mentioned on the other pages in this section and also in our advice and welfare area.

Our scientific / technical team takes every opportunity to work with, and positively influence, stakeholders such as the food and farming industries, smallholders, veterinarians, scientists, animal organisations and governments (UK and beyond).

They represent us on many influential government, farming industry and scientific research project committees. At meetings they highlight important animal welfare issues, ways of making improvements, and the scientific evidence and practical experience on which our views are based.

We are also consulted on farm animal welfare issues by a range of government bodies and other organisations, and give presentations to a wide cross-section of audiences.

You can find examples of our work in 2014 in the Farm Animal Science Review 2014 (PDF 1.88MB).