RSPCA welfare standards for beef cattle

Our detailed RSPCA welfare standards have been developed to represent good practice in the care and welfare of beef cattle at all stages of their lives.

RSPCA welfare standards for beef cattle (PDF 3.48MB)

RSPCA beef cattle standards technical advisory group

Members of the advisory group are selected on the basis of the specific expertise they bring to the group in different areas of cattle care. Members include:

  • Emily Coughlan (RSPCA ruminants specialist)
  • Joe Bailey (RSPCA Assured)
  • Timothy Potter (Westpoint Farm Vets and President of the National Youngstock Association)
  • Mary Vickers (AHDB Beef and Lamb Senior Scientist)
  • Harry Street (RSPCA Assured veal producer)
  • Gabby Emery (Buitelaar calf technical team manager)
  • Martyn Baker (Collection centre owner and livestock transporter)
  • Charlie Mason (Humane Slaughter Association)
  • Chris Dodds (Livestock Auctioneers Association)
  • Representatives of RSPCA field staff (Farm Livestock Officers) and RSPCA Assured field staff (Assessors) who monitor RSPCA Assured scheme members.

For more information on the group's discussions download: