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Who we are

Our dedicated team of seven farm animal welfare scientists work to improve the lives of as many farm animals as possible, by raising awareness of welfare issues and offering evidence-based solutions.

Each member has specialist interest in particular farmed species / issues and together the team works to ensure improvements are made in all areas affecting livestock welfare (diet, environment, management, health, transport and slaughter).

As well as being scientifically trained, our technical staff have practical experience covering a wide range of farming systems. For example, one member of our team was a dairy farm manager for many years, while others have worked on commercial farms with a range of species such as sheep, goats, chickens and laying hens. Our team understands the challenges of commercial farming, and they work to develop and encourage practices that improve animal welfare, and that farmers can also feasibly apply.

Our farm animal welfare specialists' practical and scientific knowledge, and positive evidence-based approach, is widely recognised and respected by the many bodies and organisations with which they liase. This means that our staff can influence key decision makers at the highest levels of the food and farming industries, and can work closely with governmental and non-governmental bodies, nationally and internationally, for the benefit of farm animals.

If you share our concerns about farm animal welfare, you may be interested to know more about what we do to raise standards of farm animal welfare in the UK and beyond.