Animals in Science Committee

European Directive 2010/63/EU requires each member state to have a National Committee for the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes. Their stated role is to: 

  • advise the competent authority and Animal Welfare Bodies* on matters relating to the acquisition, breeding, accommodation, care and use of animals in procedures and ensure sharing of best practice
  • exchange information on the operation of Animal Welfare Bodies* and project evaluation and share best practice within the European Union

There are no set requirements in the Directive for membership of the national committees, nor is there any detail of how they should operate.

The UK has had a national committee on this issue since 1986. From then until the end of 2012, it was known as the Animal Procedures Committee (APC). The APC was replaced in 2013 by the Animals in Science Committee (ASC). For more information see: 

* The Animal Welfare Bodies required under the Directive share some of the roles of a comprehensive ethical review body, but have a reduced membership and focus on implementation of the 3Rs rather than project review.